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Community Response Map

Community Response Map is currently used in various contexts where community feedback is collected, coded and mapped, serving as a tool to monitor projects, evaluate their progress and share their outcomes.

Current Projects

Virtual Return and Reintegration Counselling

Virtual Counselling project makes use of this tool, which provides visual analysis of the project’s impact through tracking, monitoring and analyzing the results of the virtual counselling sessions and feedbacks

Voluntary Returnees as Messengers

A campaign aims to raise awareness among potential migrants and local communities in Iraq and Afghanistan about the dangers of irregular migration routes and the realities that many irregular migrants face through peer-to-peer communications.
WV somalia

World Vision Somalia

Enhancing Beneficiary Accountability System
Decades of conflict and recurring disaster makes Somalia one of the most fragile states around the world. With over 600,000 people in need of food security and livelihoods, World Vision is actively providing support through a variety of emergency and rehabilitative projects including food and cash assistance, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, education and protection and non-food items to meet the emergency needs of the affected communities…


To support two-way communications with target populations, IOM Lesotho collects feedback to gauge the impact of its communications outreach and sensitization activities in current projects.
Migrants as Messengers

Migrants as Messengers

Informed decisions about migration
“Migrants as Messengers is a peer to peer awareness raising campaign that empowers young people in West Africa to make informed decisions about migration. The campaign is carried out directly by returnees who share honest accounts of their migration experiences with their communities and families. Authentic storytelling, peer-to-peer engagement, community activities, and dissemination through social media make these stories accessible to wider audiences.”
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Safe Migration Campaign
We launched a targeted information campaign in Sri Lanka to increase awareness of the dangers of irregular migration and migrant smuggling in vulnerable communities as part of the Global Assistance to Irregular Migrants (GAIM) project.
MIssing Migrants

Missing Migrants

Tracking migrant deaths & disappearances globally
Providing reliable data on migrant deaths and disappearances on international borders around the world.


Enhancing Project Monitoring and Evaluation
Afghanistan is marked by unprecedented levels of conflict, displacement and return. IOM Afghanistan conducts regular monitoring to assess the effectiveness of assistance provideed in order to increase accountability in the field.
viewing holding on

Holding on

Exhibit Feedback
Holding On showcases the stories of internally displaced people (IDPs) by asking them to reflect on their most cherished possessions
Past Projects


Learn | Act | Share to Stop Exploitation
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) regional media campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop exploitation and human trafficking.


Research initiative for the project Start-up cash Plus
The Purpose of this joint study by IOM and the Research Centre of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is to jointly analyse strengths and weaknesses of StarthilfePlus to improve the programme and presenting the results in a joint publication.
Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Common feedback platform
A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Highland Regions of Papua New Guinea (PNG), a humanitarian response under the coordination umbrella of various UN agencies, NGOs, and volunteers have responded to the needs of an estimated 544,000 people affected by the earthquake.
West Africa

West Africa

Aware Migrants
Aware Migrants helps potential migrants in making informed decisions and engages West African communities in raising awareness on the dangers of the journey and in promoting positive alternatives to irregular migration at the local level in countries of origin.


Information, Communications and Accountability
A common feedback platform for the Philippines' Community of Practice on Community Engagement and its Rapid Information, Communications and Accountability Assessment (RICAA)


Access to Information during Displacement
Since January 2014, an estimated 3 million Iraqis have been displaced by the conflict between government and armed opposition groups in central, south and northern Iraq.


Two-Way Communication and Increased Accountability
Supports accountability to, and two-way communication between humanitarian responders and communities of Myanmar nationals currently living without official documentation in the Cox’s Bazar region of Bangladesh.
Meso America


Assistance to vulnerable migrants
The Mesoamerica Program engages communities across Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico through virtual and social networks to facilitate two-way communications about migrants’ rights and reducing the risks of irregular migration.


Promoting informed migration decisions
Community Response Map Niger collected feedback from migrants in transit as part of the ‘Supporting Informed Migrations in Niger’ project.
Community Response Map

A state of the art feedback platform supporting aid and development projects.

Community Response Map (CRM) is a feedback platform which facilitates online tracking, compilation and visual mapping of communications received by target communities. This tool has been developed by IOM to enhance community engagement and two-way communications.


How It Works


Engage through communications and outreach


Get feedback from Community


Collate feedback from multiple sources


Feedback syncs to Community Response Map


Respond and Adapt based on community feedback


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March 2019

Call for Returnee Migrants to Join Forces to Fight Irregular Migration

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